26 March: Bangladesh Independence Day Bangla SMS

Independence Day Bangla SMS. Bangladesh Independence day is a festival that has been celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the people of Bangladesh since early times. Celebrated with immense fondness and pride, Bangladesh Independence day is observed on the full moon of August 15 every year. It is an occasion when the people of Bangladesh to reflect on their past as well as the future without any disturbances and it also a time for people to decide on their future course of action. On this day, the Government of Bangladesh lays stress on the fact that Bangladesh will not be occupied by anyone and is itself a free country.

Bangladesh Independence day is also observed as a protest against the world’s indifference to the sufferings of the people of Bangladesh and to draw the attention of the world towards the problems of the people of that country. The event has been created as a symbol of love and support to the Bangladesh Independence movement. Bangladesh was under British rule for almost half a century and the government failed to give justice to the Bangladesh people who were demanding for independence. Bangladesh was later invaded by India and Pakistan and in the process many innocent people lost their lives.

Independence Day Bangla SMS

  • Shadhinota Tumi dirghojibi hou, tumi beche thakoamar ostitte, shopne, preme bol pencile.joteccho okkhore shobde, joubone kobitay.
  • Shadhinota tumi robithakurer ojor kobita, obinashi gan.shadhinota tumi kazi nazrul jhakra chuler babri dolano.Mohan Purush, Sristishukher ullashe kapashadhinota tumi shohid minare omor ekushe februarir ujjol shova.Shadhinota tumi Potaka – Shovito Slogan mukhor jjhajhalo michil.Shadhinota tumi Fosholer mathe krishoker hashi.
  • Sadhinota amar vorer pakhi cirokaler sukhsohag kora mayer ador valobashar sukhsadhinota amar mohon bashisadhinota khukur copol hasiHappy independence day
  • Tumi amar deshtumi amar ohongkartomay ki vulite paripriyo jonmovumi amar ?O amar deshami jotoi dure thakiami amar deshami e bangladesh.
  • Ei lal shobujer potaka kebol akti kaaporer khondo noyShadhinota lakho shohider praaner binimoye orjito maanchitro

Bangladesh Independence day is also known as a celebration of why Bangladesh was able to establish itself as an independent nation. On this day, all over Bangladesh, large scale public celebrations are arranged. Flags are hoisted high and multi-mined banners are drawn across the streets. Music and dance are the main aspects of these celebrations. On this day, the Bangladesh national cricket team takes to the field to play against the Pakistan ones. Bangladesh is a very proud nation and thus a major celebration is observed on this day to celebrate its glorious history and its freedom from the British.

Bangladesh Independence day is also celebrated with immense fondness and happiness in the cities of Bangladesh where the people burn candles and hang posters of the Bangladesh National garment Manufacturers Union and other secular parties. The Bangladesh Prime minister Mustafa Chowdhry and his cabinet celebrate this day with full zeal. They distribute sweets to their relatives and friends. People also take part in street markets and sell flowers to the visitors.

Bangladesh is also a secular country and has adopted the Islamic religion as its own. This fact is a great source of pride for the people of Bangladesh. They consider themselves to be a secular nation and they respect all religions and belief systems. Bangladesh is a home to the largest number of Christian and Muslims. The people are warm and friendly by nature and there is no racial discrimination at any stage. They have a strong sense of communal unity and live peacefully together with their neighbors.

Bangladesh independence day is not celebrated without the participation of people from all segments of the society. They celebrate it with immense fondness and happiness. All over Bangladesh, you will find banners and flags and street stalls selling cards and paper lanterns with Bangladesh independence day greetings. You can also search the internet and find websites that are solely dedicated to promoting the message of Bangladesh independence day. It will be a great idea to send your greeting cards online to that special someone.


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