Ashley Lockhart Obituary- Videos & Photos Stabbed 16 Times

RIP to this beautiful mother Ashley Lockhart. She reportedly suffered multiple stab wounds to her body and one to her face. Now these beautiful kids are without their mother. YESTERDAY, a Ashley Lockhart was found stabbed to death and now her children are w/o a mother today. My heart is with all black women, mothers and their children, we are not safe .

Ashley Lockhart Obituary

Ladies if you are in an Abusive relationship leave Unstable men with repeating violent behaviors do not change‼️now she has six beautiful daughters who just lost two parents this story is so sad.

That Ashley Lockhart situation is so sad. You can literally see him stabbing her on the video the news posted. You can see when she stopped fighting for her life. Insecure men are really killing women at an alarming rate.

Allegedly he stabbed her 18 or more times and left the knife in her face. How evil can you be to a woman who gave you 6 beautiful lives? Praying for her family.

A mother of six named Ashley Lockhart was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in West Philadelphia. She reportedly had a PFA against the man during the incident.

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On Saturday, August 6, 2022, police reported an incident in 54th & Chestnut St., Philadelphia. A woman was repeatedly stabbed to death in broad daylight by a person inside a car. A knife was found at the crime scene.

The grotesque nature of the murder has left the locals in Chestnut Street in shock. Reportedly, the murder weapon, the knife, was still embedded in the victim’s face when the police arrived.

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