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Art lafleur Cause of death- How die he die? What happened ?THE SANDLOT’ STAR

Art LaFleur, famous for playing Babe Ruth in the classic baseball movie “The Sandlot,” is dead. Art LaFleur Cause of death- How did he die? What happened?THE SANDLOT’ STAR. If you are seeking for the exact reason death of this guy. Then continue to read this post.

aFleur was born in Gary, Indiana. He played football in 1962 as a redshirt at the University of Kentucky under Coach Charlie Bradshaw as chronicled in a 2007 book, The Thin Thirty.[1] He was a sportscaster on ESPN and on CBS.

Art LaFleur Cause of death

The actor died Wednesday following a 10-year battle with Parkinson’s disease … according to his wife, Shelley. We’re told he died at his home surrounded by his children and Shelley — and although he was in hospice care, Art was cracking jokes to try to make his family laugh in the time leading up to his death.

Art lafleur Cause of death

His wife is remembering Art as a “generous and selfless man” … qualities she says carried over into his acting career, “but more importantly it was who he was for his family and friends.”

While LaFleur is best known for The Sandlot, his face is recognizable from films such as Field of Dreams, in which he played Black Sox ringleader Chick Gandil and The Santa Clause 2 and 3, in which he played the Tooth Fairy; as well as innumerable roles in classic TV series such as M*A*S*H, Lou Grant, Soap, Webster, The A-Team, Hill Street Blues, Thirtysomething, Northern Exposure, Home Improvement, Malcolm in the Middle, Doogie Howser, Coach, Baywatch, ER, JAG, House and The Mentalist.

Ironically, despite his list of credits, LaFleur didn’t start acting until he was in his 30s, when he moved to L.A.

The exact reason of death is unknown.


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