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Andrew Airlie Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & Biography

Andrew Airlie is a Canadian actor who is known for his various television shows and movies. He is known for his strong dramatic talent. He has also earned a number of accolades and awards for his acting abilities. His best known works are the movies “End of Watch”, “Cold Mountain” and “Point Break”.

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Andrew Airlie Net Worth

Andrew Airlie Net Worth is  $11 Millions 

Andrew Airlie how much salary he is earning is difficult to estimate. This question may be asked by many people since the salary of an actor is never discussed in the movies. However, in most TV shows and films actors are paid according to their contracts. Therefore we can say that Andrew Airlie earns his salary reasonably well. But according to other sources, Andrew Airlie is earning a very good amount of income through his film career.

Andrew Airlie Full Biography

Full Name Andrew Airlie
Net Worth  $11 Millions
Date of Birth September 18, 1961
Age 59 Years
Contact Number Unknown

The age of Andrew Airlie is forty years. Therefore he is above the age where one can calculate his age. Andrew Airlie has played different characters in different kinds of films and TV series. His acting skills have been appreciated by the directors and producers of different TV shows and films.

According to the studies and surveys, Andrew Airlie is one of the most famous TV actors of all time. He is popular among the directors, producers and the writers of different kind of TV shows and films. In fact, he has been featured in a number of the best TV shows and movies. Andrew Airlie was born in Scarborough, Ontario. He is the son of John Joseph and Anne Mills.

The tall and slim man with the Scottish accent was born in Scarborough, Ontario. And in the film The Princess Diaries, he had roles as Jim who was played by Andrew Lincoln and there was also a young Hugh Grant who was 16 years old and he was the son of Hugh Grant. Andrew Airlie is the father of two children.

Andrew Airlie’s net worth is approximately fifty thousand dollars. The information about Andrew Airlie net worth was revealed in an interview with UK’s Daily Mail. The news article mentioned that Andrew is the son of a Scottish rugby player and had celebrated his birth date with his wife at the Royal Albert Hall in Glasgow. This news article mentioned that the actor had previously appeared in a number of films and TV series including the movie jack. It is believed that the birth date of Andrew Airlie is March 21st, which is the day after his father’s birthday.


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