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Alia Bhatt Biography Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Alia Bhatt Net worth – How much do you know about Alia Bhatt? – This article will talk about Alia Bhatt and how much she makes as a result of her roles in films and other media. Alia Bhatt Net worth – How much do you know about Alia Bhatt? – This article will tell you about Alia Bhatt Net worth. Read on to find out more about Alia Bhatt’s net worth.

Alia Bhatt Net worth – Alia Bhatt was born in Mumbai and grew up in an affluent family. She is currently married to film director Mahesh Bhatt and has three children. She has had different roles in different movies and has established a name for herself as one of India’s best known actresses. Her income is reportedly higher than her mother’s because she is the main breadwinner.

Alia Bhatt Full biography

Full Name Alia Bhatt
Net Worth USD 15 million
Date of Birth March 15, 1993
Age  Years 27
Contact Number Unknown

What is Alia Bhatt Net worth? – Alia Bhatt started her career as an actress after her marriage to Mahesh Bhatt, who is a prominent personality from South Mumbai. Bhatt played the character of Sholavit in the hit movie called Welcome. She then went on to play the lead role in the action-adventure called The Day I Swapped My Dad for a decent amount of money. After this film, Alia Bhatt made two more movies which are just some of the popular ones that she has done in India.

Who are Alia Bhatt and what is her net worth? – Alia Bhatt Net worth is known as the Indian Oprah. She is also an entrepreneur who has a successful clothing line and runs her own show on the popular cable network named Dogan Network. Other than that, Bhatt has also appeared in a number of films and has achieved a lot of success in the Hindi film industry.

Alia Bhatt biography – Alia Bhatt was born in Mumbai and is said to be the daughter of a prominent lawyer family in India. Alia Bhatt’s best known role in the Hindi film industry is her appearance in the crime series called Bridget Jones Diary. She has also had notable roles in Harry Potter and The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Alia Bhatt’s most recent major role in the Hindi film industry was in the biopic called Singh is King. She was also nominated for an Oscar in that film.

How much should you pay Alia Bhatt in terms of an Audi Q7 that she drove in the movie? Alia Bhatt’s official website says that Alia Bhatt Net worth is “approximately $75,000” in current times. If Alia Bhatt’s Net worth is that much, then how come she is earning such low wages in the movie industry?


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