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Airtel Internet Offer 2019 – New Data offers

Airtel Internet Offer

Airtel is one of the popular telecom companies in Bangladesh. It has many active users, but they have sold their 75% share to Robi telecom company. Now it is the age of information, everyone wants to explore something new! And they need to connect with the internet, so we are here to help them. We are adding here all the latest internet offers of Airtel. All users of Airtel can find the best internet pack from our website!

The Airtel has about 8.049 million active users in Bangladesh. It means a lot of people’s are using this operator in Bangladesh. They need to buy internet packs from the Airtel. Here we have shared all the latest Airtel Internet Offer. All internet packages are available here.

Airtel Internet Offer 2019

Here we have written all the Airtel Internet Offers with validity, price, and internet data volume. Read it and make your purchase as soon as you can!

Airtel 38 Taka 2 GB

Airtel has started a new data offer which 2 GB, this offer can be bought only by spending 38 Taka. The package will expire after 3 days. The data volume is 2 GB. To activate the offer you need to dial *123*038#. Users can get it only by dialing to this code number.

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Airtel Internet Offer 2019

Airtel 30 GB 297 Taka

The Airtel comes with a new internet offer. The offer 30 GB data, users can take this offer anytime only at 297 Taka! The offer will be valid for 30 days! User will get 1 GB per day to use it. The activation code is *123*297#. You need to dial this number if you want to buy it.

Airtel 30 GB 30 Days offer!

Limited time offer only! 30 GB offer is valid for 30 Days. Users can use up to 1GB every day. To activate the offer users need to dial *212*333#. This internet data offer price is 333 Taka. Otherwise, recharge 333 Taka to purchase now!

3 GB 44 Taka of Airtel

Airtel has now offered another data pack. The internet pack size is 3 GB (2 GB regular pack + 1 GB 4G)! And it can be bought by 44 Taka only. To activate this offer you have to dial to *123*044# number, or you can recharge 44 Taka to get this offer immediately. The offer is validated for 3 days.

59 Taka 1.5 GB offer in Airtel

This offer is available for a limited time only! You can take this offer if you dial to *212*59#. The data pack volume is 1.5 GB. The offer value is 59 Taka only. Validity is 15 days for this offer.

Airtel 8 GB 30 Days data pack offer

It is another monthly internet pack by Airtel telecom company. It an internet package of 8 GB. Anyone can take this offer at 189 Taka only. It will be available for 30 days after the purchase of this pack. The activation code is *21291*189#.

4 GB at 99 Taka with Airtel

You can buy this 4 GB internet pack only at 99 Taka. The offer validation is 30 days (1 month). To activate this offer call to *21291*99# number. This offer is for valid for a limited time only.

3 GB 30 Days for Airtel

Get this offer at low cost, the offer is internet data and minutes package. The cost is 150 Taka only. The internet data pack volume is 3 GB and the validity is 30 days. The activation code number is *21291*911#. Users will also get 250 minutes talk time with it.

Airtel 1.5 GB 21 Taka

The 1.5 GB offer can be also bought by only 21 Taka. The purchase rate is 21 Taka and the validity for this offer is 7 days. The activation number is *21291*21#.

Airtel 1 GB 18 Taka

This offer is available for 7 days after the purchase. You have to spend only 18 Taka on this offer. The offer data pack volume is 1 GB. Dial *12191*18# to make the purchase of this pack.

Airtel 5 GB 98 Taka

Airtel has offered another amazing internet pack of 5 GB and the cost of it is only 98 Taka. Also, there are 60 minutes of talk time with this offer. Validity is 7 days and the activation code number is *21291*098#.

Airtel 15 GB for 1 Year

Airtel has great internet data offer for a year. This offer is validated for a whole year! The data pack is 15 GB. This offer price is only 615 Taka. The code number is *21291*615#, it is a limited time offer. So, hurry up don’t be late!

Airtel 3 GB + 70 Minutes 43 Taka

Airtel’s new internet package is 3 GB data. It also has 70 minutes in this pack. The pack expiration date is 10 days. It can be taken by dialing to *21291*043#.

1 GB at 40 Taka for 30 Days in Airtel

It is also a 1 GB data pack of Airtel telecom company. The offer validation is 30 days, that means it is available for the whole month! Users can take this offer only for 40 Taka. To get the offer users must dial to *212*040#.

3 GB Data only at 59 Taka

This data pack is called the vacation offer. The offer is 3 GB of data pack. It is valid for 3 days and it can be bought only at 59 Taka. Dail to *123*059*1# code or recharge 59 Taka.

1 GB at 29 Taka Only

You can get 1 GB internet pack only at 29 Taka. The pack validity is 3 days. To get the offer you should dial to *123*029#. It is also a great deal with Airtel.

Airtel Eid Offer!

Airtel has some great Eid offers for their users! Here we are sharing the most popular and recent Eid offers by Airtel. The Offer is Valid for 7 Days after the purchase. The cost is about 19 Taka only. The pack contains 30 minutes of talk time and 2GB data pack. You have to recharge 19 Taka to avil this offer!

Airtel Recharge Offer 2019

Airtel also supports recharge internet packs. These packs can be bought by recharging only, there is no activation code available for this internet offers. Recharge the value of these internet packs to activate.

Airtel 3 GB for 30 Days

Airtel also offered another internet package. The package has 3 GB data with 150 minutes of talk time bonus. The offer will be av1ilable for 30 days after the purchase. You need to recharge 148 Taka to get this.

Airtel 1 GB 49 Taka

This is called the best Airtel internet offer! This pack is 1 GB and it is validated for 7 days. You have to recharge only 49 Taka to activate this offer.

Airtel 10 GB 129 Taka

They also have another great internet offer of 10 GB! They offer that offer only at 129 Taka. The pack is amazingly 10 GB. The offer validation is 10 days! You need to recharge 129 Taka to get this Internet offer. You cannot take this offer without recharging.

Airtel 1.5 GB for 45 Taka

1.5 GB internet pack for 7 days is offered by Airtel. You cannot get this internet package by dialing to any number. The offer validation is 7 days. You need to recharge 45 Taka to get this pack available. The pack volume is 1.5 GB.

Airtel 7 GB @89 Taka

The pack for 7 days and can be taken anytime now. You can take it by spending only 89 Taka. The offer volume is 7 GB. You can take it only by recharging 89 Taka.

300 Minutes with 30 GB

This package has 300 minutes talk time with 30 GB (7 GB 7 days) data pack. To take the offer one must spend 448 Taka only. The pack can be used for 30 days after making the purchase. Users must have recharge 448 Taka!

10 GB 209 Taka

You can get the offer only by recharging 200 Taka. The offer holds 10 GB of internet data pack. The purchase rate is 209 Taka only. The offer validity is 30 days. Users can also use bKash recharge is available.

Airtel 4 GB 148 Taka Offer

Another offer by Airtel can be taken by spending 148 Taka. The pack size is 4 GB and the price is 148 Taka. Validity is also 30 days. Also, 150 minutes of talk time available with this offer!

Airtel Bonus Offer

Recharge only 28 Taka and get bonuses! By recharging this amount of balance customers will get 10 Minutes, 28 MB, and 100 MB for 3 days. The bonus offer will be available for 4 days after purchase.

Airtel MB Offer 2019

Airtel also has MB offers. Every time internet users don’t need to buy mega internet packs, they need to buy small internet packs for a long or a short time. We also listed the latest Airtel MB Offer!

200 MB 5 Taka

It is one of the popular MB offers of Airtel. The pack is only 200 MB and the pack is validated for 3 days. You can take this only with 5 Taka. Dial *21291*5# number to get activated for this offer.

15 Taka 300 MB

The internet pack is 300 MB but 150 MB of this is for regular use and the rest 150 MB for 4G users. The offer price is 15 Taka and the offer validation is 15 days. If you want to activate the offer simply dial to *21291*15# number.

1426 MB 20 Taka

It is only offered for Bangla Calendar New Year. So, Airtel has offered it. The internet pack volume is 1426 MB and can be taken by 20 Taka only. To activate dial *21291*20# and purchase it. The offer will be valid for 30 days after purchase. This offer will unavailable sooner!

Airtel Bundle Offer 2019

The bundle offer has all the telecom features like MB (data), Minutes (talk time), and SMS (messaging). In this kind of pack, all these things are available. Users should take these packs who use these features more! Here are some popular and new bundles of Airtel is listed!

Airtel 228 Taka Recharge Bundle Pack

410 minutes, 800 SMS, and 500MB for recharge at 228 Taka offer validation is 30 days with 2 GB bonus internet pack for 3 days!

Buy Minutes get 50 MB free!

If you buy this pack you will get 50 free extra! The pack is 80 minutes, 160 SMS, and 50 MB only at 46 Taka. It will be valid for 7 days. You need to recharge 46 Taka at once.

Take Talk Time and get 400 MB Bonus!

This pack will get you 400 MB data for free if you buy it. The pack will expire after 10 days of purchase! The pack is 130 MB and 400 MB data free with it. You must recharge 78 Taka to activate it.

250 Minutes + 5 GB

Take 5 GB internet pack from Airtel and get 250 Minutes of free talk time for a month. The offer will be valid for 30 days after the purchase!

Recharge 193 Taka!

Recharge only 193 Taka in your SIM and get an awesome offer! The offer has 250 minutes of talk time, 200 SMS, and 200 MB data. To activate this one recharge 193 Taka. Also, get an additional 2 GB data bonus for 3 days. The main package’s validity is 30 days.

Airtel Saturday Offer 2019

Buy 1.5 GB only at 21 Taka. This is another good offer by Airtel. This offer was given on Saturday so Airtel titled it a Saturday offer. Offer validity is 3 days. Dial *212*21# to get this offer activated.

There is another offer awaiting 1.5 GB for 15 days. You can use this offer for 15 days. The offer can be activated by dialing to *121*59#.

Airtel Sunday Offer 2019

Airtel offers its users a special offer to their customers on Sunday. The offer, for now, is 200 MB data just at 5 Taka for 3 days! To activate dial *21291*5#.

We have another offer that is 150MB + 150MB 4G for 15 days. Users can get this offer by spending 15 Taka only. The activation code is *21291*15#.

Airtel Monday Offer 2019

Airtel Monday Offer is another coll offered by this company! Customers can take 4 GB data pack only by spending 99 Taka. The pack validity is 30 days. An activation code is *212*99#.

And 10 GB in just 209 Taka only! One can get it for 30 days. The activation code number is *212*209#. You will get this offer after dialing to this number!

Airtel Tuesday Offer 2019

The Airtel Tuesday Offer is a good offer. But for now, Airtel offering the same as Airtel Sunday Offer. You should view the Sunday offer to know the current Tuesday data pack offer.

Airtel Wednesday Offer 2019

Airtel Wednesday Offer is a cool offer by Airtel internet. They have just offered 30 GB internet package for a month (28 days). The cost of this offer is 229 Taka. To activate it top-up 229 Taka!

Airtel Thursday Offer 2019

We also shared some of Airtel Thursday Offer of the current time! The offer is 15 GB and it will be valid for a year! That means the package validity is 365 days! This offer purchase rate is 615 Taka! Dial *21291*615# number to activate this offer!

Airtel Friday Offer 2019

Airtel Friday deal is the most popular as Friday is a holiday! Customers take this Airtel Friday Offer at any time. Now at this moment, there is only a data offer available! The pack is just like the Airtel Tuesday Offer! Go, see it and take the offer!

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These are the latest internet offers by Airtel. When something new will come, we will list it right here as soon as possible. To get the latest update keep visiting our website!


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