Afghanistan Independence Day History, Quotes, SMS & Picture 2019

On Monday 19 August is Afghanistan Independence Day. Afghanistan Independence Day History, Quotes, SMS & Picture 2019 explore from here. In this post will provide about this day full information.

Afghanistan Independence Day History

19 August is Afghan Victory day which called Afghanistan Independence Day. Afgan got independence from the British since 1919. To get their victory there is a huge person leave their life. Their war was so bloody. And finally, Afgan got their victory.

Every year this independence day observed by the government of Afghanistan. This is their national holiday. By singing their national anthem they start to observe Independence Day. Government arranges many type events for martyrs respect to purpose. The people wish others by say quotes or SMS.

Afghanistan Independence Day Picture, Image 2019

Here adding some exclusive picture. And the good news is, all pictures will be downloaded free. So let’s enjoy.

#1Independence day of Afgan

#2Afghan-Independence-Day image #3Afghanistan Independence Day picture #4Afghanistan Independence Day wallpaper

Afghanistan Independence Day 2019 Quotes & SMS

  • “Warm wishes on Afghanistan Independence Day to you…. Let us work together to make our nation a progressive and inspirational one.”
  • Have a good holiday with Independence day! Wishing you the best!
  • Victory comes from a powerful man. And I wish them who worked for the Victory. Happy Independence day.
  • This is a single day. But not like another day. It’s Independence day. So respect them who give their life for this.

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