Cheap Call Rate Any Operator. Best Free Calling App Download Link

Best Free Calling App . Here is good news for all SIM operators. Now, you can call for free & free SMS online or offline, and you can call 30 paise per minute on offline. If you want to use this offer, then you need to download the Brilliant Connect app, Dail app. This app can help you to use online audio call & video call without any cost, and you can use it from Android and iPhone. And you can talk offline or any local operator with a low cost, 30 paise per minute with a one-second pulse.

Best Free Calling App Download

Almost 10 million people download this Brilliant Connect app from the Google Play Store. This app size is 27MB, and who those have android version 4.1 & more upper version, they can use this app. At first, you need to download this app into your android or iPhone phone. After complete the download, install the Brilliant Connect app on your device. Later, you need to open a Brilliant Connect app account.

Free Calling App Registration

After successfully open an account, you need to verify your account by submitting your national NID card. If you verify your account successfully, then your work is done. Now, you can talk without any cost. But, if you didn’t get your NID card, then you can download the NID card easy way. To get your NID card click on this link.

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Brilliant Connect App Various Features

There are many great features has on this Brilliant Connect app. Below the post, we share many features of the Brilliant Connect app. If you want to know more about these features, then you should read this post attentively.

Brilliant Connect App To App Free Voice/ Free Video Call

You can call free from the Brilliant Connect app to Brilliant Connect app user. And for this calling, you don’t need any money. So, don’t miss this chance.

On local operator 30 paise per minute and one-second pulse

You can talk of any local operator 30 paise (with vat 34.50) per minute by using the Brilliant Connect app. And also, you can get a one-second pulse advantage. From the Brilliant Connect app, you can call every local operator. But, the user needs to connect their phone internet connection. Without a data connection, they will get only miss call. Brilliant Connect app provides the HD quality call service, and you can communicate with others without noise distortion.

30 Poisa

Free call on the IP number

You can call on IP phone without any cost using by Brilliant Connect app. The IP phone is operated by without the internet, that’s why it doesn’t need any charge. So, it is the best service for the Brilliant Connect app. There is another advantage of the Brilliant Connect app when you call any local operator at that time your number is not shown on another mobile screen, they can see your IP number on the screen. The IP number of Brilliant app like 09662345356.

Advantage of Video call, Voice message share, and Group chat

You can get a video call, voice message, and group chats advantage by using the Brilliant App. And also, you will get amazing emoji for a chat.

Advantage of Text message, Photo sharing, and Location sharing

If you want to text message with another Brilliant app user, then you can send it easily. And also, you can receive the message from other users. You can share your current location from this Brilliant app.

When you share your information with others such as location sharing, text message at that time the Brilliant app encrypted this information, then send it to another person. Using the Brilliant app, what you are doing into this app, the information never accesses the third party & any government organization. And also, the Brilliant app authority never accesses your information.

Brilliant Connect app recharge

When your Brillant connect app balance going down, you can easily recharge your app by Bkash without any problem. But there is one condition, you need to recharge minimum of 20 Tk. If you recharge below 20 Tk, then they will cut 3 Tk charge from your account. And also, you can recharge from DBBL, Rocket, IBBL, Visa, Master card, and American Express.

Disadvantage of Brilliant Connect App

It is not a disadvantage, cause it is not Brilliant Connect app feature. But it is very important to add on the Brilliant app features. The reason is from any local number, you can call but you don’t send the message. Similarly, from the Brilliant connect app, you can’t send any message to any local number. And we hope that the Brilliant Connect app will add this features very soon.

Helpline of Brilliant Connect App

If you get any problem from app, then you can contact on Brillant Connect app official facebook page, and you can contact direct by calling this number 01709-818259. And also, you can send a email to the [email protected], later they will reply very soon.

Amber IT

For the first came of Brilliant Connect app, that’s why everyone use this app. But, now many people use the Amber IT cause get of the Brilliant app problem. For this problem, many people start use the Amber IT (Deshi app). who those are getting problem on Brilliant Connect app, they can use the Amber IT, it is the best solution for those. If you open a Amber IT account, then you will get 20 Tk free instant recharge. If you want to download the Amber IT IP phone app, then go to the Google play store. And Amber IT helpline number is 09611999555.

Link3 Dial App

Who those are find the more deffrent app, they can use the Link3 Dial app for a trial. Link3 helpline contact number is 09612341502. If want to download this app, then click over the link.

Metrotel App ( best Deshi app for talk)

who wants more deffirent from Brilliant Connect app, Amber IT, and Link3 app, they should use the Metrotel app. If want to download this app, then go to the google play store, and Metrotel app helpline number is 09612342502.

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