$250 million invests in Fortnite maker Epic Games by Sony

$250 million invests in the Fortnite Epic game by Sony. The company is behind the most popular battle royale video game Fortnite. The maker of the PlayStation console attends the minority stake in Epic. And it will strengthen more the two companies’ investment deal, on Thursday this news is published. The organization is an online video game runner, which is competition with steam.

Fortnite & Gears of War franchise know as a creating hit title. Everyone knows that Epic is a major player in the video game industry. The Unreal game engine software made more powerful world top’s video games. On Thursday press briefing, Kenichiro Yoshida CEO of Sony says There’s no better example of this than the revolutionary entertainment experience, Fortnite. In the area of graphics, where Epic powerful technology develops the game engine with the Unreal engine.

Sony CEO also said that they will submit their all investment to collaborate with Epic and give more opportunities from Epic. And also, we update our consumer & industry with most digital entertainment landscape. For the regulatory approvals of investment, Sony & Epic said It is great to deal with Sony, cause it sees the Japanese electronics & entertainment powerhouse join the world’s most famous brand.

The name of Epic is a private household that is another name Chinese firm Tencent. Epic increases the active production day by day, and it builds up in different entertainment market. Nowadays, every product business with Sony. The news mention that this year later Sony will lunch the Playstation 5 console. Japanese company tries to convince Microsoft for buying next-generation devices over the upcoming Xbox series X.


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