21st (Ekushey) February Status for Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter

21 February Status for Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter. Ekushey February is a very important day in the history of Bangladesh. Many people organize many events around this day. This day is officially observed as Mother Language Day by the Government of Bangladesh. Various programs were organized on 21st February and prayers were organized in memory of the language martyrs.

People from all walks of life in Bangladesh celebrate the day as a special day and the day begins with a variety of cultural events. The main reason for making this day is that Ekushey February is celebrated every year as Mother Language Day to pay homage to the language martyrs. Many people do not know much about Mother Language Day. There are many amateur people who want to wish Mother Language Day Ekushey February with status on Facebook.

But they don’t actually go to say what people have to say because they’re stupid. Those who have read this post of mine must be stupid because you have come here to know about Ekushey’s February status. If you are really a Bangladeshi then you should have known what to say to people on 21st February. Anyway, let’s not exaggerate. Let’s start with the 21st of February. I will post some statuses on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

21 February Status

  • Bangladesher sonar chele, vasa shohider dol,
    jibon diye ene debo bangla vasar fol,
    tader dane ajke amra sadhin vabe bangla boli,
    shei sonader teyager kotha kemon kore vuli…


  • Rafik, Salam, Barkat, aro hajar biir sontan,
    korla vashar man rokkha biliye apon pran,
    jader rokte rangano ekush ora je omlan,
    dhonno amr matribhasa dhonno tader pran.
  • Je vashar jonno amora eto honney, Je bhasar jonno eto roktopat… Je vasa amader koreche mohan…. Sei bhasa sohid der ke ki vulte pari….


  • Rokte kena bangla amr lokkho shohider dan,
    tobuo keno bondhu tmr bidesher proti tan,
    sokal bela panta kheye boisakher oi dine,
    bikele abar uthcho mete english hindi gane….

We have collected the statuses from different sources in the grave. I hope you like the statuses above. And if you got Ekushey February status from here, you must share it on Facebook or other social media. Thank you all.


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